As well as providing high capacity and quality engineering works through our sister company, Manufacture and Maintenance engineering Ltd, you can also buy engineering and welding supplies in store. From bolts and bottle jacks, to mig wire and threaded bar, we have what you need, just take a look below.

Bearings // Bolts // Nuts // Springs // Tool boxes // Scoket sets

Bottle jacks // Cutting and grinding disks // Stainless steel hose clips

DIY O-Rings // Galvanised pipe fittings // Storage bins

Hand tools // Lifting hooks // Threaded bar // Mig wire

Pallet trucks // Power presses // Tractor and trailer parts

Roll pins // Rubber mountings // Trolley jacks // Lighting equipment

Self tapping screws // Shackles and eye bolts // Universal joints

Sparex tractor parts // Split pins // Washers - Copper, fibre and bonded

Welding head shield - Standard and automatic // Welding gauntlets

Welding supplies // Consumables // Storage // Adhesives // Power tools

Fastners // Trailor accessories // Abrasives // Hand tools

Transmission // Welding supplies // Engineering supplies

We have much more in stock than what you see here.

Visit our contact page or call (051) 875864 to instantly speak to the sales department. We look forward to hearing from you!